Andreas Andy Hofmann

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:who: Andreas “Andy” Hofmann

:where: Kall, Eifel, NRW, Germany

:age: * 1986

:main-interest: Westernriding / my horse

:other-interests: Boardgames (strategy games), Music: Metal, Western-/American-culture, Line Dance, Poker, spending evenings with friends in various pubs, mostly in out main-pub: Paddys Night Out


:what: Software-Engineer & ScrumMaster

:where: Turtle Entertainment – Company behind the pages and therefore the european leader of the electronic sports (eSport) market.

:skills: Various programming- and markup-languages (Mainly: php, JavaScript, C/C++, C#, (X)HTML, CSS, etc…), Web2.0/AJAX/jQuery, Server-Administration (Windows and Linux) and much, much more… 🙂


shopperella.deMarketplace for all about pregnancy and babies

platinnetz.deThe community for users 40plus

webnews.deGermanys biggest Social News Portal

contAire GmbHCustom Portal-Development, mainly with SixCMS

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