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Blog revive: Smart home posts incoming!

by on Oct.17, 2020, under Smart Home

Once upon a time, the last post of this blog had been done. This was around eight years ago, I think. So round about the time, Facebook became more and more popular and I started to write the things I had to say there, instead of here.
But today, I want to revive this blog, as in the last weeks / months I found a new topic I want to (publicly!) write about:

Smart Home!

And in particular, I will be writing about:

  • Home Assistant
  • The ESP microcontrollers (mainly ESP8266)
  • Various sensors and with that:
  • Projects I’ve done with them and their circuits and written code

Things I have already in the queue I will write about in the next days:

  • Ritto Doorbell: How I failed to get it working the way I want it to be!
  • (But also) Ritto Doorbell: How I (finally) made it smart the super easy way
  • Experimenting with soil moisture sensors
  • Smart Mailbox: Experimenting with range measuring sensors
  • Rain sensors
  • And for all of the above: My Home Assistant automations and configurations

Stay tuned!

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